Creating a Google Chrome Extension Tab

Creating a Google Chrome Extension Tab

A little writeup on some fun I had creating a Google Chrome tab plugin called “Inspirational Leadership and Coaching Quotes”


Over the past few months I have had the joy of taking part in a self discovery course with our company UNiDAYS. I have already done one of these before but it is nice to try a different system and have a recap on what you have been up to. I had a thought, random shower thought, why not have some fun and using one of the sessions where we talked about influences and quotes that mean something to us to make a start tab in Chrome.

So I did.

The repo to look at is here


I first went here and selected the settings I needed. This tool is so simple and since I just wanted to get up and running, this gave me a quick way to create the boiler plate for the extension.

I created a very basic Gulp file, again, quick and simple to get up and running that would take my src dir and copy all required files for release into a new dist folder.

I created a bunch of icons and added these to my manifest file. Then created a screenshot of the finished tab to upload.

A note on the boilerplate setup, it is missing the following from the manifest file which is a required attribute

shortname``` is required so make sure you add this.

In Override.html add your html you want and add a script tag to your .js file should you need it. Mine does the following.

  • Load and parse the local json file with all the quotes and authors in
  • Randomly selects a number from the length of quotes
  • Populates a id placeholder using jquery (which I bundled in the file)

Nice and simple.

For the styling I took advantage of knowing this was in Chrome so used vh and vw values for placement of divs and backgrounds, then vw for font sizes to get a dynamic font sizing depending on the viewport size.

After I was done, I ran my build Gulp task which collected everything and put it in a dist folder. Then zip up the contents of the folder and you are ready to submit it to the Google Chrome Extension Console.


To publish your shiney new tab/extension go here and click Add new item.

Upload your zip folder here and after you should find you can fine tune your extension with a few extra options.

Once thing that is a bit shitty is you need to pay a one off $5 when you first submit an extension. I gather this is to deter people from spamming so much but meh.

Once you are happy publish your extension, wait up to an hour and then go show your friends, your mum and co-workers and show them how awesome you are.


So there you go, the whole thing is quite simple to setup, except the horrible Chomre Extension Admin Console interface, but hey, it’s functional!

Cheers JB