How to use webpack-bundle-analyzer with create-react-app

How to use webpack-bundle-analyzer with create-react-app

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webpack Bundle Analyzer ( is a beautiful tool that allows you to easily see your build bundles content and size, breaking down each import throughout. It has helped me identify glaring improvements on what I import into my projects and will help you to.

This is a simple and very straight forward way to implement into your project. It is all based on using create-react-app.

First step, install the npm package like so

npm install --save-dev webpack-bundle-analyzer

Now in your package.json file add the following to your scripts section.

"scripts": {
	"stats": "react-scripts build \"--stats\" && webpack-bundle-analyzer build/bundle-stats.json

Now from your command line you can run npm stats and it will build a production build and launch a browser window to show you your bundle size and contents.


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